Monopolising the Market

Monopoly board note book

How many things can you make from an old Monopoly set? 1) A hardback notebook or photo album from the board. The fold in the board makes an ideal spine! The cover is totally unique and as we all know, the Monopoly graphic is so awesome, meaning you have an instant classic design front cover. … Continue reading

Recycled Bird

ReFabricates and Recycled Bird

Jo Deconstruction is a fellow North Eastern recycler and creator, working under the moniker of Recycled Bird –  because she recycles, makes bird brooches, and is also, ermmm….. a bird (in some sort of post modern feminist statement). This crazy woman is a mother of 3, keen political activist, community linchpin, gardener, allotment holder and on … Continue reading

New Stock

It’s been a while since we’ve posted…  main reasons include – – I didn’t know how to use this site properly -I gave birth to a beautiful daughter. If we deal with the second point first, she is now 9 weeks old and is the most amazing thing ever! She obviously takes up the majority … Continue reading

Welcome to ReFabricates blog!

Domino and Rupert Coasters

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