Little Kitchens day 2

So after dragging my Gumtree TV cabinet out of the car, I realised it was far too big for the space we had allocated for the DIY play kitchen I’m making for my daughter for Xmas.

Oooops, lesson learnt….! It’s gone back to charity shop heaven. No harm done.

I did some further research on more compact designs of kitchens, most which were made from bedside cabinets. Images can be seen here on my Pinterest board:

I found an eyesore of a cabinet in the British Heart Foundation for £5 and saw potential! The key think to look out for is the height – its needs to be workable for your little one… some bedside cabinets are quite high which is why I initially went for a TV table. Anyway, this one seemed perfect and the cupboard section will make a fab oven.




I put the cabinet in position in the spot where the kitchen will live to get an idea of size, and used some old kitchen bowls to get a layout for the cooker hob and kitchen sink. I could only fit 2 hobs and a sink on the cabinet, so experimented with a box lid to see if I could extend the work surface. Happy with my final design, I sketched out a plan and headed off to B&Q for the wood!

The guy at B&Q was so helpful! For £14 I got all the pieces out of MDF, cut to size, including a couple of cute shelves. Thrown in for free – some invaluable novice carpentry and paint prep advice.

So here are all the pieces put together. You get a general idea of how it will look!


I have to admit that after the Gumtree disaster I was feeling pretty disheartened and wondered if I’d bitten off more that I could chew. But I persevered and today I feel very excited by the project!

Tomorrow, sanding and paint prep. Oven hob and knob searching.

Continue reading and see my progress in the next blog post “little kitchens 3”


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