Little kitchens

In the run up to Christmas, I’ve started thinking about projects for Nina’s gift from Santa. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of the ‘Christmas in October’ mentality, but I also know that if I want to make her something decent and worthwhile then I need to start planning now.

As today’s bake off proved, she is a big fan of cooking – real or otherwise.

ImageSo with this in mind I am going to attempt a DIY play kitchen, to be ready for 25th December….. ermmm…. hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew here. Considering my lack of DIY skills and lack of access to appropriate tools this might be a total disaster. But its the thought that counts.

There are some gorgeous examples on Pinterest. Most start with an old TV cabinet or side board. I think the best thing about this project is going to be making it to colours and style that I (ahem, I mean Nina, of course) want.


This one is great but probably a bit big for the space we have.


This one is a better size for . I also like the idea of a curtain.. how twee!

So step 1 in the project is to find a suitable sideboard. This one was £15 on Gumtree. Went to pick it up today. It’s still in the boot of the car. Seems fit for purpose but now I worry that it will be too big.


Tomorrow I need to get a piece of wood cut to go against the back and buy things like knobs, something for the hob, and choose a colour.

Updates to follow…..


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