Monopolising the Market

How many things can you make from an old Monopoly set?

1) A hardback notebook or photo album from the board. The fold in the board makes an ideal spine! The cover is totally unique and as we all know, the Monopoly graphic is so awesome, meaning you have an instant classic design front cover. Question is, are you In Jail or Passing Go? Free Parking is my favourite corner.

2) A telephone note block from the money. Stitch together a wad, face down, and position by the phone so you can leave you house mates colourful and expensive phone messages. Alternatively, since we live in a mobile phone world so not many people take messages anymore, leave it by the fridge to write your shopping lists on.

3) A trendy talking point necklace from the character pieces. My favourite to play with was always the boat, but in my opinion the dog makes the best pendant. In fact, I wore it last night. Totally in with the current fashion for chains with kitsch pendants attached. Add a couple of houses or hotels to brighten it up a bit!

4) Lucky earrings from the dice. Double six anyone?

So the only thing I haven’t been able to reuse are the cards…. Community Chest, Chance and Property cards. I’m asking you for ideas. Or for you to take them off my hands because throwing them away would be totally against our Waste Not Want Not principles.

Oh… and if you’re an anti capitalist and think that Monopoly is a foul game that enc0urages individual prosperity at the expense of the community (which I don’t), then you can still partake in this fun exercise because you could pretend that by cutting up, drilling and gluing parts of the game, you are symbolically smashing the system.

3 Responses to “Monopolising the Market”
  1. Liz says:

    Love this stuff – how unique!

  2. Suzanne says:

    The cards – the first thing I thought of was to julienne them and lay them poking out of a paper egg carton. Put a tuft of dryer lint on top . Melt broken crayons and broken or small candle wax bits. Add the wax over the top of the lint. Cut the carton up and you have fire starters.

    Best of the day to you!

  3. Kath says:

    If I give you the idea I won;t be able to use it! lol
    I have several and Just haven’t gotten around to doing them yet!

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