New Stock

Made from a recycled dress! £10

It’s been a while since we’ve posted…  main reasons include –

– I didn’t know how to use this site properly

-I gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

If we deal with the second point first, she is now 9 weeks old and is the most amazing thing ever! She obviously takes up the majority of my time so ReFabricates have had a short break.

However, the urge to create has not left so baby now helps out by modelling our babies range.

The first point is still preventing regular updates, but the new look blog itself speaks volumes… I am starting to find out how to do stuff!

So what’s new for us? My sister finally put her fashion degree to use for us by creating these adorable baby booties and dresses from an old duvet cover and second hand dress , both of which were extremely successful at a recent event we did in Heaton, Newcastle.

Made from a recycled duvet cover! £10

Further details of local events and teams we have joined to follow, but right now my baby needs feeding and she always comes first!


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