Addicted to thrift

I am off work this week, and the first exciting item on my agenda was charity shopping. My local haunts are amazing, probably because the local community have no taste so get rid of really great stuff.

The problem is, my house is already full of random crap which I couldn’t resist buying for 99p, and the recent enterprise I have set up with my sister, which requires the scouting out of wool jumpers and old board games, is fully stocked. Whatever business sense I possess tells me I don’t need to spend more money on raw materials for this, until we have sold what we have.

So the result is, that I haven’t visited the shops this week. I have restrained. It is hard. I dream of the awesome curtain fabric that I have overlooked in Mind or the set of vintage miniture dominos that sit gathering dust in Barnardos. Shame! But save money I must, and being a Charity Shopaholic can be just as dangerous as a High Street one.

Have a look at some of the great things you can make from the spoils of second hand shopping:

Domino coasters, backed with cover boards from a 1980 copy of a Rupert Annual.

Cute baby booties cut from the sleeve of a felted wool jumper.


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