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    About ReFabricates We are two sisters living and working in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. We love to recycle and reuse, and all of our products try to make something beautiful out of someone else's cast offs. We are crafting and making in our spare time in the kitchen. A fashion designer and a teacher, we try to combine style with social responsibility. Many of our materials are sourced from local charity shops. All of our items are designed around the concept of reducing waste by reusing and recycling. We are happy to customise designs to your liking so please get in touch.

Little Kitchens day 3

When I say day three, it’s more like week 3, but you get what I mean. Visit my previous posts to see how the kitchen started (as an old bedside cabinet). i removed the door, nasty handles and hinges from the cabinet and filled in the holes with wood filler. I sanded the cabinet and … Continue reading

Little Kitchens day 2

So after dragging my Gumtree TV cabinet out of the car, I realised it was far too big for the space we had allocated for the DIY play kitchen I’m making for my daughter for Xmas. Oooops, lesson learnt….! It’s gone back to charity shop heaven. No harm done. I did some further research on … Continue reading

Little kitchens

In the run up to Christmas, I’ve started thinking about projects for Nina’s gift from Santa. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of the ‘Christmas in October’ mentality, but I also know that if I want to make her something decent and worthwhile then I need to start planning now. As today’s … Continue reading

Monopoly board note book

Monopolising the Market

How many things can you make from an old Monopoly set? 1) A hardback notebook or photo album from the board. The fold in the board makes an ideal spine! The cover is totally unique and as we all know, the Monopoly graphic is so awesome, meaning you have an instant classic design front cover. … Continue reading

ReFabricates and Recycled Bird

Recycled Bird

Jo Deconstruction is a fellow North Eastern recycler and creator, working under the moniker of Recycled Bird –  because she recycles, makes bird brooches, and is also, ermmm….. a bird (in some sort of post modern feminist statement). This crazy woman is a mother of 3, keen political activist, community linchpin, gardener, allotment holder and on … Continue reading

New Stock

It’s been a while since we’ve posted…  main reasons include – – I didn’t know how to use this site properly -I gave birth to a beautiful daughter. If we deal with the second point first, she is now 9 weeks old and is the most amazing thing ever! She obviously takes up the majority … Continue reading

Domino and Rupert Coasters

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Sophie and Lottie’s blog for all things crafty, recyclable and unique

Cute as a button

Totally loving buttons right now. Can’t understand why anyone could not love them. Particularly enjoying the button coasters included on this treasury list. Wore this on Saturday night and received much praise. Only 2 like it in the world and the other one is for sale on our website:

Tynemouth market

Set up shop at Tynemouth on Sunday. Did OK, weather considering. Lots of interest in our products but people tending to buy the cheaper items. Hope to do more, later in the year, but have other priorities at the moment, ie the impending arrival of our first child! Sold a pair of booties -at last! … Continue reading

Addicted to thrift

I am off work this week, and the first exciting item on my agenda was charity shopping. My local haunts are amazing, probably because the local community have no taste so get rid of really great stuff. The problem is, my house is already full of random crap which I couldn’t resist buying for 99p, and … Continue reading